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I am a Transracial Adoptee (TRA), (transracial) adoption activist and abolitionist, educator as well as coach and consultant for companies on antidiscrimination and antiracism.

My goal is it to empower, educate, and support my fellow TRAs and Bi_PoC in white families in matters of racism, adoption, history, mental health and identity and raise awareness to the injustices happening in transracial, -national, -and cultural Adoptions

I am based  in Hanover, Germany. I speak German, English, French, and am trying to get a hang of my language of origin, Balanta

In my freetime, I am a puzzle enthusiast and love to design houses. I am a genuine dog lover and cake is all I need to save the day. 

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I am an activist, black woman, transracial adoptee of Colour, and a coach and consultant at DisCheck.

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