To me, coachings are a healsome way to (re-) evaluate our behaviour, feelings, and perspectives because they are an opportunity to take a beat and sit with each other in a safe space of kindness rather than harsh judgement.

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Coaching Information

Coachings can be understood as an supportive, advisory, and interactive tool to work through an overwhelming or difficult problem that we feel stuck with. While coachings are not all-around-fixers they can be a good start or additional help to explore new perspectives, actions, skills, and behaviours that may bring us through and past a draining time/situation. In coachings we will focus on problem-solving by diving into a deeper understanding of your feelings, behaviour, and perspective around the topic/situation, to then find another way to handle it.

Coaching Offers

1-on-1 Coachings
80 Euros/h (regular price)
60 Euros/h (discounted*)
1-on-1 Coaching Package
5hrs of coaching
350 Euros (regular price)
250 Euros (discounted*)
*discounted coachings are offered to Bi_PoC, (uni) students, and single parents

Please note that coachings do not replace therapy. The goal of the offered coachings here is to help you problem-solve a specific issue. They are a support tool, not a fix.

Make An Inquiry

Before I confirm a coaching, a 45 min meet (free of charge) either by phone or via one of the virtual meeting platforms is mandatory. We will get to know each other a bit, sense the vibe, discuss details, and schedule a coaching appointment. Please note that that meeting does not guarantee a coaching later-on and is not a coaching confirmation.