Interviews, Podcasts, and co.

You can invite me to your hosted events such as discussions, interviews, panel discussions, talk shows, IG Lives, talks on meeting platforms, and podcasts. I am happy to discuss the details with you.

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Interview Information

As a person who’s not only confronted with silencing but also experiences it a lot, I find very simple joy in having conversations with people and getting to know them better. Interviews are basically conversations – only that this time around others get to know me better. So far, I’ve always been happy about an invitation to interviews, panel discussions, IG Lives, podcasts, talk shows, or any other interactive, talkative event.

Price Information

I normally charge an allowance (Aufwandsentschädigung) for my participation in interviews or interview-related events because they, too, most times require my expertise, emotional labour, and time. This only applies to companies, institutions, associations, and cooperations.

incl. IG Lives, Clubhouse talks, podcasts
min. 250 Euros*
incl. Zoom events, panel discussions, talk shows
min. 250 Euros*
Events hosted and organized by other activists
incl. interviews, discussions, zoom events, social media
Pay what you can*
* the final amount of the allowance/Aufwandsentschädigung depends on the setting and distance

Make an Inquiry

Before I confirm an interview or similar event, a one hour meet (free of charge) either by phone or via one of the virtual meeting platforms is mandatory. We will get to know each other a bit, sense the vibe, discuss formal details, and plan further steps. Please note that that meeting does not guarantee my participation and is not a participation confirmation on my part.